Pack Meeting

It’s been almost a week since pack meeting; I think I can finally blog about it. It was Keagan’s first pack meeting and he had to be there early for flag ceremony. We get to the stake center pavilion, and it’s just chaos. There are kids running everywhere, including walking on top of the tables and jumping from table to table. Yes I know that they are boys, and boys can be wild at times, but come on parents people are going to be eating there, and I personally don’t want a foot in my potato salad. The leaders are up there trying to talk and get things under control, it’s time for prayer and the kids are still being loud, but they say the prayer anyway. HELLO!!!! How are the kids ever going to learn to be reverent if parents aren’t going to teach them how to be? The parents are off talking amongst themselves, paying no attention to what their kids are doing. Of course the kids are going to run wild if the parents aren’t even going to attempt to corral them.  I know my kids aren’t perfect, but I was so glad that Keagan was sitting there listening while they were attempting to hand out awards. He even went and tried to help with the contest they had. They split up into two teams to see who could put a tent up the fastest. Chaos as well, Keagan’s team, the tent was missing pieces. The kids didn’t do much besides stand there, while the adults attempted to put the tent together. Needless to say, I was glad when it was over and it was time to go home. We had to give the kid a HUGE pat on the back for not walking on the tables, listening, and not running around like wild animals, even though they are most of the time.

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  1. Elvenbane Says:

    You forgot to mention that even some of the leaders were chatting merrily along and ignoring their own children. Disrespect everywhere!

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