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Monday, April 14th, 2008

We went to mom and dad’s yesterday. Typical Sunday thing. Played Mille Bornes. Me, Julienne, Mom, Quinette and Beckie. Mom ultimately won, but Quinette and I both had some good runs going. Everyone (but Beckie) pretended to cheat, except for mom and Quinette. If you gave her the card, she would cheat. And mom would give the card because they needed it and she felt bad. In fact, you could get mom to do whatever if you complained long enough. Beckie just hit me. Everyone laughed because I guess she looked just like Tashie when she was mad.

Going back to this cheating thing, I guess grandma p. is a big time cheater. Which explains dad and all of his siblings. You just cannot play games with those people! So, grandma cheats, dad cheats and all of us kids cheat, I guess the lesson to learn is do not compete against us, we will win every time. And more often than not, to your physical harm.

Or mine when playing with Beckie.

The Newborn

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

An even longer pause.

Let me just begin by saying I love my mother-in-law, but two weeks is way more than I can handle. The day that she was to fly back home, she ended up getting food poison. Do not eat the fish sandwich from Artic Circle. Instead of driving her to the airport, I drove her to the emergency room. What you need to understand about this woman is that she absolutely dreads asking anyone for help. If she would have told us there was a problem in the middle of the night, we could have made her more comfortable, maybe even gotten her to the emergency room sooner. As it was we had to scramble to cancel her flight, inform her ride home from the airport and let other people know as well. She kept saying that she did not want to be a burden on us. Well guess what! You were more of a burden because you waited so long. When something is happening, tell us then, not five hours later when the ER has to give you two IV bags to rehydrate you and keep you another five hours for observation. Wasted time is what it became.

The reason she was here in the first place is because we have a new kid! Beckie has been large with child for the past nine months. (Yes, that was a fat joke.) Daelin came in weighing seven pounds ten ounces, twenty and a half inches long. He actually had a head full of dark hair. Something new with our kids, the others were all bald. All internal plumbing works as designed with the new guy. Beckie is doing well, recovering nicely. The neighbors brought us a few meals after Beckie and Daelin came home from the hospital. Always a nice thing.

The newness has worn off for the older kids. We are no longer inundated with requests to hold the kid. Although Ethan insists that Daelin is HIS baby, and shows a few signs of jealousy. Things like, “Hold me not baby.” He will accept, “I’ll hold Daelin in this arm, and I can hold you in this arm.”

Tashie is a fire nut! We gathered up all the weeds in the back yard yesterday. It was a red burn day so we could not burn them, and this just made her mad. Even this morning she was still mad that we did not burn them. I made a small firepit and burned some small stuff. Hoping this would be sufficient, it was not. I think mainly she wanted to roast marshmellows. You know, be messy and taste good.

I have finally started working on a jukebox. I have built the arcade cabinet, and now wish for the tunez. I have the computer all built, software installed, awaiting its permanent home.

Finally, just so he does not feel left out, Keagan is in the second grade (almost finished) and is doing great! His teacher this year is one hundred percent better than last years teacher. She was a total flake.