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Thursday, July 10th, 2008

As many of you know, we recently returned from a two week trip to Washington. Let me just start out by saying I am SO glad my kids travel well! I do not remember travelling as well when I was a kid. I am fairly certain having a DVD player in the van helps out immensely. Anyhow, it took us two days of travel to get there. On the way up we did not get any gas in Oregon, although we did stay there, in Ontario. Once there we did the usual things, visited family and friends. Ate Dungeness Lobster at Beckie’s dad’s place. It was tasty. Ethan didn’t like it but he did eat 2 full ears of corn! On one day we went out to Salt Creek, played at the beach and checked out the tide pools. It was a neat day and everyone enjoyed themselves. Overall I would say it was a good trip. Hopefully it will be another 3 years before we head up there again though. Coming home we were pulling a trailer full of Beckie’s crap. We had to fill up A LOT! We had a head wind the entire way home. I even had to fill up in Oregon. I hate doing that. And, sure enough, the guy who pumped the gas was your typical country bumpkin, complete with buckteeth browned from years of tobacco chewing. We are home now. Getting back into our usual routine. It was a good break from reality for a while though. I have to admit that.