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Monday, June 4th, 2007

Took my boys out shooting over the weekend. The youngest sat in the van the whole time, he is not quite two yet. But the six year old was able to try out the little kids 22 that I was able to pick up. He really enjoyed that. He was able to aim for the first time, and thought that was really neat. I am glad he enjoyed that. But that was not the purpose of the trip. My new Springfield XD .45acp was the real reason. I had forgotten how much raw power a 45 has. The last time I went shooting it was with a 9mm Glock. A nice gun, but no 45. My boys thought it was cool. The loud bangs, and the dirt flying off the embankment behind the target. It was fun time had for all. And yes, I was constantly going over gun safety with them.