We went to mom and dad’s yesterday. Typical Sunday thing. Played Mille Bornes. Me, Julienne, Mom, Quinette and Beckie. Mom ultimately won, but Quinette and I both had some good runs going. Everyone (but Beckie) pretended to cheat, except for mom and Quinette. If you gave her the card, she would cheat. And mom would give the card because they needed it and she felt bad. In fact, you could get mom to do whatever if you complained long enough. Beckie just hit me. Everyone laughed because I guess she looked just like Tashie when she was mad.

Going back to this cheating thing, I guess grandma p. is a big time cheater. Which explains dad and all of his siblings. You just cannot play games with those people! So, grandma cheats, dad cheats and all of us kids cheat, I guess the lesson to learn is do not compete against us, we will win every time. And more often than not, to your physical harm.

Or mine when playing with Beckie.

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