“Oooops I forgot”

Well it was bound to happen, and it did. I told Keagan at the beginning of the school year, “You have to remember to get your sister every day.” ‘Well what if I forget?” Oh believe me, you will only forget once. I got a call today from the school at about 2:25. I was thinking it was probably the kids because I told them if it was raining to give me a call and I would come get them. So the phone rings, and no it’s not the kids, it’s the office at school.  It seems Natalia is in the office, pretty distraught, because her brother left her at school. I load up Ethan and Daelin, both screaming mind you, and head over to the school. About half way there, I see Keagan walking down the street. I ask him if he forgot anything, and he says yeah my sister. I told him to finish walking home and I would be back in a few minutes with her. I get to the office; she is looking pretty sad and worried sitting there. I can tell that she has been crying. She was in a pretty grumpy mood, why is she taking it out on me; I wasn’t the one who forgot her. I ask her what happened; she said she couldn’t remember where Keagan’s classroom was. Ummm, it’s in the same hall as you just down at the other end. It sounds like they were both looking for each other and probably crossed paths a few times. So needless to say, Keagan couldn’t play with friends today, drove him nuts, drove me nuts, let’s just hope he has learned and he will not leave school without his sister again.  

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  1. Maharet Says:

    That is absolutely hysterical. Okay, not really, but definitely funny. Brought back memories of the time I got lost on a school bus. Yes, an actual school bus I wasn’t supposed to be on. My mom told me never to get on the school bus because she would pick me up. We were only around the corner from the school so she just walked. Even told me how to get home on foot (while walking me home of course.), but when my little friend beckoned me onto her school bus I simply followed.

    I had the feeling I was forgetting something. Keep in mind, I knew how to take the bus, mommy planned for everything see. Unfortunately and to everyone’s misfortune I forgot where I was supposed to get off and walked for what felt like hours. Suddenly a car full of screaming women pulled up next to me in a white car. Just like that. I was in my mothers arm in a flash and tears were flying everywhere. My teacher drove that car. Poor thing looked a mess as she drove away as we were all cried hysterically.

    Boy was my mom upset! After the terror wore off, she yelled at me all the way around the corner trying to show me how close I was to home. I was basically going in circles trying to find my street, but I KNEW I knew where I was going. Just a little sidetracked is all. :) Boy, what a great memory that was. And here all I jumped on for was the Rubik’s Cube puzzle. Thanks Perry and Fam!

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