Road Rage at 25mph

Heading home from work yesterday was more eventful than I am accustomed. Riding a motorcycle to work naturally means that I drive slower and much more defensively. I do not want to be a grease stain and a bunch of annual flowers.

The first part of my ride home is through a residential area. The speed limit is 25mph for about 2 miles. There have been many police sightings along the way so I am doing exactly 25mph. At one point the road narrows significantly at a 3 way stop. A clunker of a junk heap pulls out behind me. He is swerving back and forth and is carrying a snow tube thing out his window. Swerving back and forth he gets right up behind me and then goes to pass me.

Right next to me, this guy is swerving back and forth, driving with one hand, and not paying attention to driving. There is no way I am going to let this guy hit me, so I sped up, fast. Then I stop at the stop sign. This moron barely misses me as he pulls up along side me on the right hand side and starts cussing at me. I inform him of his idiotic way of driving and his reply was simply, “What are you going to do about it.”

Anger and fear flooded over me. What would I do if he were to get out of his car and come over to me. Probably drive off. So I did. But behind me I heard the squeal of spinning tires. In my rearview mirror, I watch him peel out into the neighborhood. What a winner.

Remind me, we are not moving to that neighborhood!

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