Father’s Promise

During the past six or seven years, I have learned that it is very important for a father to keep his word when dealing with his children. Whether he be punishing his children, or rewarding them. For example, I promised my oldest that I would buy him a particular Xbox game if he were to do something that he was deathly afraid of. It wasn’t dangerous. He was never in any harm, he was just really nervous. He did it though. It made me proud that he was able to overcome his fear. Course, that meant I had to buy the game. I had to leave work, to go and look for the game. Even though others did not want me to go, so that we could all do something else. I went looking. No one had it, so I had to order it online, but dang it! I looked! I hope he appreciates everything I went through to try and buy that for him. It was a difficult task.

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